Our Clinics

Vasectomy South East operates from two clinics based in Waterford and Wexford.

Our facilities are state of the art and maintained to the highest standard for the comfort and discretion of all our patients.

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Vasectomy is a simple and reliable method of contraception for men.

Whether you have questions about vasectomy or are considering having the procedure done, you will find information about all aspects of a vasectomy here.

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For Young Men

A vasectomy may be appropriate when a man does not want more children, or has decided not to have any at all..

If you are under 30 and you have had fewer than 2 children, please consider the following points before having a vasectomy.

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Have you gotten all the information? Do you want a vasectomy or maybe you just want to ask a few more questions.

If you have decided you want the procedure or want to take the next step, we can schedule a consultation for you at one of our clinics.

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